Raul Navarro


Chef Raul is your own personal chef for the week. In advance you will be asked about dietary requirements, preferred cuisines or if there are any special requests for during your stay on board. He will then be organising and delivering your meals on board to an extremely high standard and is always striving to make your experience with us unforgettable.

Born in Mexico City in Mexico, Raul started working in the hospitality industry after leaving school and has never looked back. Food has always played a big part in his life whilst growing up, with food and preparation being a passion for the whole family. In 1997 he moved to London, started working in a restaurant in Soho and found his passion for experiencing different cuisines from around the world. He has since made it his goal to try as many different types of cuisine and experiment in cooking them. His particular favourites include Fusion and Asian cuisine, and he is always seeking out a new restaurant to sample different dishes that he can incorporate into his menus. Raul also spent over 12 years in Seville, Spain where he opened his own Mexican restaurant and enjoyed the Mediterranean lifestyle and sharing his passion for food. This passion then led him into the yachting industry where he travelled the Caribbean and America extensively before deciding to return to the Mediterranean. Raul is always full of happiness and laughter and enjoys exploring new places as well as sharing his love of Opera music of which he is an accomplished singer.

Raul has a wide skill set and can cater for all types of cuisines and occasions you may wish to experience during your stay. Having worked in the industry for a while he is very experienced in cooking for a variety of dietary requirements and in general likes to provide healthy, fresh and local dishes. He will spend most of his time in the galley prepping for your next meal or out exploring the local markets to find fresh produce for you to enjoy.