Clara Desmeules

Chief Stewardess

Clara oversees the interior of the boat, she will always be around to provide you with any small thing you may need and is in charge of service and housekeeping to ensure that everything runs smoothly in a 5-star style.

Clara was born and raised in the South of France and being a local offers all the advantages of local knowledge, this creates a smooth ride for all involved. Clara will be your number one go to on board the boat, she is always around and constantly there to ensure that any small request is met and works to give you the best experience possible. Clara studied nursing for 6 years in Paris at Saint Joseph Hospital and so has great understanding for motivation, dedication and team work. She also worked in the restaurant industry and gained a huge level of skill in hospitality and service. She started yachting in 2012 and took to it like duck to water, she has spent time with work in Thailand, Caribbean, Florida and the Mediterranean. Being French she has grown up with a great love of wine and the wild French countryside, her favourite things to do are discovering new wines, organise tastings and chasing rivers to their waterfalls. She is inherently organised, and her positive attitude is wonderful force to have on board.