Amy Todd

Chief Stewardess

Amy oversees the interior of the boat, she will always be around to provide you with any small thing you may need and is in charge of service and housekeeping to ensure that everything runs smoothly in a 5-star style.

Amy was born in the North East of England and comes from a family who all share a love of the sea, her father and brothers all having worked on boats at one point or another. Relocating to Mallorca with her family at a young age has given her an appreciation for the Mediterranean and the beauty that this part of the world offers. She worked in hospitality for 5 years ranging from gastro bars to cocktail lounges, before travelling to work as an Au Pair. She started on her first yacht in 2011 and has confidently worked her way up the ranks and travelled the world to where she is now. Her time on yachts has taken her to some beautifully off the beaten track places, her favourites being the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. She enjoys good food and wines, exploring new places and also relaxing with her head in a good book.