Dayn Bruwer


Dayn’s role is to assist the Captain and chief mate where possible and ensure that the exterior is kept in sparkling condition whilst performing other duties such as assisting in docking the boat and tender runs ashore.

 Dayn grew up in Pretoria, South Africa and joined yachting in 2018 where he immediately fell in love with exploring the Mediterranean and working at sea, his younger brother followed in his footsteps and is now working in the industry too. Dayn is passionate about travelling and when younger explored further parts of Africa including Namibia and Mozambique. He now loves nothing more than to explore the new parts of the Mediterranean and tasting local cuisines.

Dayn is happiest when he is in the water and is looking forward to taking footage of our guests doing water sports and making memories. He also enjoys fishing so will be happy to set up a fishing line off the swimming platform for those keen to see the local fish.