David Hack


David’s job is to make everything run smoothly, he will be the person organising the 4G network, providing the boat with essentials such as fuel and water, fixing any problems that arise on board and generally keeping everything ship shape.

David studied mechanical engineering at Cape Town university in South Africa, being South African he has a great sense of adventure as he spent his childhood growing up around the big game of the bush. He discovered the world of yachting whilst hunting for treasure off the South African shore and soon he found himself on the streets of Antibes and in the waters of Thailand. Through hard work and perseverance, he worked his way up through the ranks to Mate and finally managed to transfer to his main passion of engineering. Although new to the boat David has shown great enthusiasm for his work and has shown a large level of skill and understanding. David is a huge lover of the outdoors and spends his free time either on the water or in the hills, he enjoys all forms of water sports and mountaineering.