Sophie Carmichael


Sophie oversees the exterior of the boat and all it’s functions, whilst supporting the Captain with navigation, she is also in charge of watersports and safety on board.

Sophie started her career in yachting after her Masters in Chemistry at Edinburgh University, she only meant to stay for a year, but after she had seen the industry for all its worth her love of the sea and travel was an overwhelming reason to stay! After being offered a job as Deck/Engineer on Marina Wonder in 2012, she has stayed with the boat for the last 5 years and with experience and hard work she was steadily promoted to Bosun and now Mate. Sophie, other than hauling lines and tending to the boat, will be the one to entice you into the waters for either a paddleboard lesson or exhilarating ride on the toys, as an ex beach lifeguard safety is paramount to her and always ensures that you will have the most fun with the least risk. Sophie’s main interests outside of work lie in reading and cooking, so you may see her at times in the galley learning from the Chef.